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American Made, Baby

One of the great Countryside Closeout categories that has returned to the category line-up is 'American Made.' This category is just that, all of Countryside Closeout's products (that we've currently found) with the Made in the U.S.A. label on it. The category has expanded to two pages and several neat items.

The BabySafe Picture Frame is one such item. There are 12 frames that come with their own display case. The better deal is the five case buy. These frames are perfect for that newborn photo, especially if you want to share that photo with grandparents and friends.

The Department 56 Long Leg Santa is a free standing decoration. It is whimsical and fun, just in time for filling the Christmas stockroom. 

The Mainstays Black Cherry Two-Tone Reed Diffuser is a simple, elegant product suitable for use as both a gift and as your personal aromatherapy. Expect to see more of these in the future with different fragrances.

Keep and eye on this category grows it into more than two pages.

Written by William Wiebking — August 22, 2014

Fragrance Oil Bonanza


Countryside Closeouts has attacked its Candles and Fragrance category and as added a bunch of new scented products. These products are all new and come retail boxed. They are also not grouped together, so you can easily purchase just case item instead of a mixed lot. Check it out at Candles & Fragrance.

Written by William Wiebking — July 08, 2014

Starlight, Starbright

If you see the Moon, you might be in the mood for some Starbright wedding and bridal accessories. All of these accessories come from one closeout truckload of wedding merchandise. Additionally, all of Countryside's Starbright products match the theme, with black bows and square rhinestone accents.

This collection is a great value. The items are trendy and update for the modern bride. And if you want to save even more money, call us to deal.

Written by William Wiebking — May 04, 2014

A Truckload Worth the Look

One of the great deals at Countryside is the Wall Cabinets, Linen Cabinets & Guest Chairs - 478 Piece Truckload that is just itching to ship. It is not often that we find such a great collection of furniture at an awesome price. This load comes with three separate items. An elegant chair, a white linen cabinet and a white wall cabinet. All three units would look great in most homes. They have a wide appeal.
There are currently 478 pieces of these units available. All units are sold at just $20 if you buy the entire truckload. That is less than 10K ($9,560) for a furniture lot with a huge upside. This opportunity is worth a chance. 

Written by William Wiebking — March 02, 2014

Light these Candles

Molca Designs Floating CandlesIt has been a busy week at Countryside Closeouts. We dug deep into the warehouse to find our candles. We found a bunch, and a number of them are now posted online in the new section 'Candles and Fragrance.'
While many of these candles are un-scented, they are perfect as a floating alternative to a floral display. Set them afloat in a water filled bowl and lite them up. They are a great accent to any occasion, and they don't overwhelm a room with a scent.
If you're a retailer, placing some unlit candles in a nice bowl of water will give people the idea. Plus, it is a simple, fun display to create.
The Molca Floating Candles come in four packs and in four different colors. Countryside offers them in variety collections, too. Each candle is individually packed as shown and sell for as little as $2.05 per four pack of the 13 hour candles and $1.65 per four pack of the six hour candles.
Other candles include a series of designs by Candle World Inc. These candles feature aquatic life, flowers and vegetables. They are fun and inexpensive. Countryside is letting them go at just .39 cents per four pack. That's less than .10 cents per candle. Sell a four pack in your store for a dollar, and see a high return.

Written by William Wiebking — January 23, 2014

Pallets of Home Furnishings

If you ever get a chance to visit Countryside Closeouts, I highly recommend that you do. It is fun to walk the racks of merchandise and discover cool, interesting and sometimes weird products. One of my favorite things to explore are the pallets of home furnishings that Countryside has available. Countryside currently has two types listed online.

Many of these pallets feature one of a kind items that look great in any home. It is fun to hunt for interesting stuff by peering through the shrink wrap. We had the opportunity to pull some items off a Premium Home Décor pallet this week to create our website listing. One of the cool items that we uncovered was an hourglass. It would look great on a fire place mantel, or as a humorous accent in a busy bathroom.

The variety found in both the Premium Home Décor pallet and the At Home America pallet are very cool and worth checking out.


Written by William Wiebking — January 18, 2014

Countryside Closeouts Returns

Over the past several years, Countryside Closeouts has been through legal issues stemming from employee issues, health issues with the owner, complications from both, an exceptionally bad deal to sell the business and the passing of two beloved cats, who were both champion mousers. All of this has wrecked havoc on a once very thriving business.

Now, Countryside Closeouts is back. We are repopulating our online store and reconnecting with our former customers. We've thrown out the trash and made way for new, exciting products. Check out this special deal:

Granite Top Entertainment Center w/ Three Drawers and Cabinet

Granite Top Entertainment Center
with Three Drawers and Cabinet from $199.95 per unit.

Does the Entertainment Center look familiar? We have a bunch of them. They are those wonderful TV dressers from a popular hotel chain. If you're a landlord with furnished units or the owner of a small hotel, these Entertainment Centers are a proven value that economizes on space, provide a nice in-bed TV experience and look great. Click the link and check it out!

Are you a former customer that purchased from Countryside Closeouts previously? Chances are we still have the product that you're seeking. If it is not yet restored online, we still probably have it. Give us a call toll-free at 877-556-5545 and find out. We'd love to hear from you again!




Written by William Wiebking — January 13, 2014