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Over the past several years, Countryside Closeouts has been through legal issues stemming from employee issues, health issues with the owner, complications from both, an exceptionally bad deal to sell the business and the passing of two beloved cats, who were both champion mousers. All of this has wrecked havoc on a once very thriving business.

Now, Countryside Closeouts is back. We are repopulating our online store and reconnecting with our former customers. We've thrown out the trash and made way for new, exciting products. Check out this special deal:

Granite Top Entertainment Center w/ Three Drawers and Cabinet

Granite Top Entertainment Center
with Three Drawers and Cabinet from $199.95 per unit.

Does the Entertainment Center look familiar? We have a bunch of them. They are those wonderful TV dressers from a popular hotel chain. If you're a landlord with furnished units or the owner of a small hotel, these Entertainment Centers are a proven value that economizes on space, provide a nice in-bed TV experience and look great. Click the link and check it out!

Are you a former customer that purchased from Countryside Closeouts previously? Chances are we still have the product that you're seeking. If it is not yet restored online, we still probably have it. Give us a call toll-free at 877-556-5545 and find out. We'd love to hear from you again!




Written by William Wiebking — January 13, 2014