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Molca Designs 2 Inch Paraffin Wax 6 Hour Floating Candles (Variety Four Pack)


Made in the Netherlands, Molca Designs floating candles are made of high-quality paraffin wax and guarantee an optimal burning behavior.  We have many colors and styles available, from four packs of 2" floating 6 hour candles, to single 3" floating 13 hour candles.These are available in two separate quantities, with an Inner Case of 12 packs (48 floating candles), and a Master Case consists of 144 packs (576 floating candles).  This is the VARIETY PACK, which consists of all of our colors available.

These candles are UNSCENTED.  Color does not imply fragrance.

Inner Case of 12 Four Packs (48 total units)
3 Four Packs Periwinkle
3 Four Packs Sand
3 Four Packs Sage
3 Four Packs Hunter Green
Floating 6 hour Candles @ $2.05/pack = $24.60/case

Master Case of 144 Four Packs (576 total units)
36 Four Packs Periwinkle
36 Four Packs Sand
36 Four Packs Sage
36 Four Packs Hunter Green
Floating Candles @ $1.65/pack = $237.60/case
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