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My Mr. Wonderful Talking Picture Frame

Countryside Closeouts | 877-556-5545

This is the "My Mr. Wonderful" talking picture frame. It will hold a 5"X7" picture of your favorite guy.  Press the button on the frame & hear 1 of 10 different phrases such as:

"Let's go dancing tonight !"
"Do you want to go see that movie you were talking about? There's nothing on TV but ballgames."

"I'm sorry we argued. I knew you were right all along, I just couldn't admit it."

"Why don't we have lunch together more often. I miss you so much during the day."

"I found this great cozy little hideaway with no TV's. Let's make plans to go."

"I wish I were there with you right now, I bet you could use a shoulder rub."

"Of course I want to spend more quality time with you. I'll just cancel that big night out I had planned with the boys."

"Enough about me...I want to know how your day is going!"

"Hi Smooche Poo mmm...smooch, smooch, smooch"
"Anytime you need me, just call. You know I'm always ready to listen!"

It uses 2 AA batteries which are included. Made by Pro-Motions Novelty Company 2003

One case of 12 Picture Frames @ $3.50/unit = $42.00/cs

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