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Terracycle Lawn Fertilizer w/Spray Nozzle

Countryside Closeouts | 877-556-5545

Terracycle Lawn Fertilizer is an organic and eco-friendly yard fertilizer that won't cause turf burn. Two Terracycle 34 fl. oz. bottles cover up to 5,000 sq. ft. of lawn. A spray applicator nozzle for a garden hose is included.

Terracycle is made from the poop of millions of worms on a premium organic waste diet. The worm castings are liquified into a concentrated lawn fertilizer. This is a very common organic way to fertilize soil. The bottles are also recycled. Each two bottle package is UPC coded. Suggested retail between $5-$10 per package.

4x 2/packs @ $4.50/unit = $18.00/lot
10x 2/packs @ $3.00/unit = $25.00/lot
200 2/packs @ $2.40/unit = $480.00/gaylord (Requires ground shipping.)

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