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Olivia Newton-John Breast Health Kit - The LIV Kit

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Take charge of your health and perform monthly breast self-examinations with more confidence using the LIV kit.  Using the LIV kit allows women to easily perform monthly breast self-examinations.  Breast cancer is the most self-discovered of all cancers and knowing your breast health, as well as yearly mammography and clinical examinations is your best defense.  This FDA registered, patented medical device is designed to help women detect changes in their breast tissue.  The soft, latex-free polyurethane aid with a non-toxic and environmentally safe lubricant sealed inside allows your fingers to glide smoothly across your breast.  As a breast cancer survivor, Olivia encourages you to use the LIV kit.

This kit contains:
One (1) LIV examination Aid, user guideline sheet, fact sheet, velvet storage pouch, quick reference guide, lapel pin, breast health guide, and CD featuring Olivia's story and her special survivors anthem: Not Gonna Give In to It.

UPC Coded: 893329000017

One Kit  @ $6.95
Pack of Ten Kits @ $5.95/ea = $59.50/Ten Pack
Case of Fifty Kits @ $3.95/ea = $197.50/Case

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