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Z-Alert Personal Defense Alarm System

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There is good reason why Personal Alarms are the fastest growing segment of the defense industry. If you have not yet armed yourself and your loved ones with these unique security devices please don’t miss a word of this information.

There is no question that in today’s world the chances of you or a loved one being personally attacked rises daily. There is no doubt that personal alarms have proven their worth when individuals have been accosted.

Now you can carry a personal defense alarm with you wherever you go!
Portable Safety Alarms are legal for you to carry everywhere (even on airplanes) and so simple to use. Protect yourself at school, in the workplace, and when traveling. Protect your loved ones including the very young, and the very old.

Electronic alarms will not escalate an already dangerous situation and not every situation requires lethal force . Personal Safety Devices are becoming the first defense for educated consumers around the globe making them the fastest growing segment of the defense industry.

Experts agree, Personal Alarms are the safest and most effective method of self protection.

Consider The Following:

  •      Personal Defense Alarms CANNOT be used against you like offensive weapons
  •      They require NO training or permits
  •      Most importantly they can be used by ANYONE regardless of physical condition or age.

The Z-Alert Personal Alarm System features 4 separate functions:
  • Emergency high-intensity Flashlight Built into the System
  • A Walking/ Jogging Alarm
  • A door and or window alarm
  • A handbag and or shopping bag alarm

Isn’t it time for you to get this taken care of now and give yourself the peace of mind to KNOW that you and your family are doing the very best you can do protect yourself?

Ten Unit Lot @ $8.95/Unit = $89.50
Fifty Unit Lot @ $6.95/Unit = $347.50
Master Case of 120 Units @ $3.95/unit = $474.00/Case


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